What We Learned from Week 15 in the NFL: Fan’s Opinion

Week 15 in the NFL showed us quite a bit. The San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles aren't completely dead while two big streaks ended. Here is what we learned from week 15 in the NFL.

We're going streaking - With that thought of Will Ferrell streaking through the quad and into the gymnasium fresh in your head, two big streaks ended Sunday. The Indianapolis Colts finally got their first win without Peyton Manning as they defeated the Tennessee Titans while the Kansas City Chiefs upset the Green Bay Packers, handing them their first loss in recent memory. Speaking of the Chiefs….

Two Coaches One Goal - The Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins trotted out new head coaches on Sunday, both with the intention of making their current position permanent. Todd Bowles won his Miami debut over the Buffalo Bills while Romeo Crennel and his Chiefs took down the previously undefeated Packers, making the '72 Dolphins very happy.

Tom > Tim - Tom Brady showed us all why he is one of the best quarterbacks ever. With ESPN unable to keep their mouths shut about Tim Tebow and "Tebow Mania", Brady helped shut it for them as he threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns while running in another score as New England won in Denver 41-23. I'm a big Tebow fan, but I'm glad they lost, because ESPN might just change SportsCenter to TebowCenter. I think they forget which quarterback has three rings. Thanks Tom!

I've seen better hands on a clock - Did anyone else see that special on ESPN with Cris Carter and Hakeem Nicks? Carter was so impressed with how great of a catching receiver Nicks is, then Nicks goes out and drops one of the easiest touchdown passes ever from Eli Manning. Oh sweet irony!

Better late than never - At least that's the motto of the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers. The Chargers embarrassed the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night improving their record to 7-7 as they now sit one game behind Denver while the Eagles dismantled the New York Jets, improving their record to 6-8, only two games behind the consistently inconsistent Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. Speaking of the Jets….

Mark Sanchez - Why the heck is he still their quarterback? For that matter, why is Santonio Holmes mocking the Eagles after he scored a touchdown which brought the Jets to within 18? Look at that scoreboard buddy. Between Sherlock and Santonio, I'm not sure which was the bigger bust this weekend.

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Updated Tuesday, Dec 20, 2011