San Francisco 49ers New Stadium Loan Approved: Fan Reaction

Last time I wrote about the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium, on December 4, it was to announce that the 49ers had secured the funding for their new stadium in Santa Clara, CA. It also was to express my displeasure with the fact that they were moving out of San Francisco. From the comments, some of you seemed to think that what I had to say regarding how the team is from San Francisco and should stay in San Francisco was somewhat nonsense.

I appreciate each individual's perspective and examples citing how the New York Giants and the New York Jets both play in New Jersey, how the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington, TX, and how the same will soon apply to the 49ers. One commentor also stated that there was no room in San Francisco for a new stadium but it seems as if most were missing a major point, the city wanted to keep the 49ers in San Francisco.

Back in 2007, the city of San Francisco unveiled a plan for a new 49er stadium and an even bigger plan to reinvigorate and upgrade the much neglected land near the south-east part of San Francisco. The proposed amount of land was 790-acres - or 34,415,400 sq. feet - that would not require any public funding and be shared among several developments. But at the time, 49ers owners John York and Denise DeBartolo said that San Francisco's plan felt cramped with housing developments and the a parking garage proposal would ruin the fans' ability to tailgate. Basically, they chose Santa Clara because they couldn't share 790-acres - doesn't sound right to me.

The 49ers chose to go to Santa Clara for "better opportunities" but I don't think it was really a matter of San Francisco not having space or funding. In fact, the new stadium in Santa Clara is going to be located right next to Mission College and Great America Amusement Park. Do those of you who think traffic will be much better in Santa Clara realize how crazy traffic can be by Great America, especially on a weekend? Much like the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium in downtown San Francisco, the city would have contributed the land, but ownership still favored Santa Clara—where there is even talk of the 49ers sharing the stadium with the Oakland Raiders.

Now, on December 13, 2011, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority, by a 7-0 vote, accepted terms of the $850 million construction loan for the new stadium. The new stadium will be a 1.85 million square-foot facility - sure sounds like the 34,415,400 square-foot combined plan would have cramped the 49ers (not really).

I still think the 49ers are doing a disservice to the city of San Francisco by moving down south and i'm sure I'm not alone in that thought. I understand 49er fans are all over the Bay Area and I also understand that the team is going to go where they think it is best for the organization. And for those who love the move to Santa Clara, that doesn't mean I have to fully agree with the team's decision to do so—but it does mean that I have to support the team regardless.

Really, it's about more than just about the team moving to Santa Clara, it's about loyalty to the place they've called home for so long. However, the loyalty should run in both directions and their move to Santa Clara will not affect my support for the team, as I will be a 49er fan for life.

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Updated Wednesday, Dec 14, 2011