Seattle Seahawks Could Still Make Playoffs in Weak NFC: A Fan’s Outlook

The Seattle Seahawks still have a shot at making the 2012 NFL Playoffs, and this fan isn't about to give up hope. Despite a tough loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, the Seahawks are only two games out of a playoff spot in the weak NFC this year. It has become obvious that the AFC is the much deeper conference in 2011, and that the Seahawks could still sneak in as a Wild Card if the team could put together a nice winning streak.

If the 2012 NFC Playoffs started today , the Chicago bears would be the sixth seed with a 4-3 record. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons also have 4-3 records, and it shows how close the Seahawks are to being relevant in the playoff discussion. The fifth seed would be the Detroit Lions at 6-2, which makes it seem likely that Motown is heading to the playoffs for the first time in years.

With a 2-5 record, Seattle is now ranked No. 12 in the NFC behind a group of 3-4 teams that include the Dallas Cowboys. Seattle gets to take on Dallas next Sunday, giving the team a chance at making a move in the standings right away. While it might be nearly impossible to catch up to the 6-1 San Francisco 49ers to compete for another NFC West title, there are still the two Wild Card slots to keep in mind. That affords the Seahawks a great opportunity to get back in the playoff race with a few early wins in November.

With games against the Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Chicago still left on the 2011 regular season schedule, a postseason destiny is still in the hands of the Seahawks . Sure, matching up against a team like the Eagles seems pretty difficult now, but that is also a team that has lost four times this year, including games against the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills. The Seahawks beat up on the Giants and match up very well against the Bills, so there could still be a chance at pulling out a win against the Eagles on Dec. 1.

The season isn't over yet, and there is still time for Seattle to get back in the thick of things.

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*Ryan Christopher DeVault is a lifelong fan of the Seattle Seahawks that continues to hold out hope that the team is heading in the right direction with a new coach, a weak NFC West, and some great young players on defense.

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Updated Monday, Oct 31, 2011