Oakland Raiders Fan: Terrell Owens Doesn’t Belong on the Silver and Black

The Oakland Raiders did not have a representative at Terrell Owen's workout in Calabasas, California on Tuesday, October 25, 2011, but they weren't the only team to skip out. Not one NFL team attended Owen's workout.

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Owens wore a t-shirt with the words "I am" on the front and "ready" on the back, and though he may be ready physically, it sounds like the NFL is not ready to take a chance on the controversial 37-year-old wide receiver, at least for the time being. Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said he is sending a tape of the workout to all 32 teams. As of now, the only offer that he's received has come from the Chicago Rush, an Arena Football league team.

The Raiders newest quarterback, Carson Palmer(notes), may be one of the few that Owens actually got along with. He feuded with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Jeff Garcia(notes), insinuating that Garcia was gay, and he went on to battle with his next quarterback, Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles, ripping him apart whenever he had the chance.

Owens moved on to the Dallas Cowboys and had conflicts with quarterback, Tony Romo, but the wide receiver clicked fairly well with Carson Palmer when he was with the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite this fact, Oakland's head coach, Hue Jackson, said on Monday that he wasn't even aware that Owens would be working out on Tuesday, and that he was not chasing him in any way.

Sigh of relief. The last thing the Raiders need is an egotistical player with a bad attitude. Though the team is known for bringing back players from the brink of retirement, Owens would not be a good fit for the Silver and Black.

A report has been released that Owens tried to commit suicide earlier this month by taking an overdose of prescription medication, though his representatives deny the allegation. Back in 2006, a similar incident occurred and Owens called it an allergic reaction.

Though I'm sorry for his troubles, the man just does not belong on a team that is coming back together, with the right attitude to win. Owens spells troublemaker, as well as penalties. Another problem the Raiders could do without.

Palmer graciously answered the question about Owens by saying although they had a "great working relationship" in Cincinnati, he wouldn't want to give up the great potential of the players he works with now, and there is just no one on the team that he'd want to let go in return. He also stated, "I can't see him coming here, but I had a good time playing with him and he's an explosive player himself."

In other words, "Bye-bye now." Should any other team in the league take a chance on this aging player that's so full of himself, good luck. I just don't want him on ours.

K.C. Dermody grew up in the Bay Area of California, and has been an Oakland Raiders fan from the time she could walk. She has continued her loyalty to the team through its many ups and downs over the decades, and has been privileged to meet several of her favorite players, including famed quarterback, Jim Plunkett .

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Updated Friday, Oct 28, 2011