Revis, Jets Hung Up on Criticism: Fan’s Perspective

If you ever needed a clear description of a team in the process of unraveling, check out the interview WFAN (New York) afternoon host Mike Francesca conducted with Darrelle Revis(notes) on Friday (October 21) before the Jets' huge game with the San Diego Chargers. Look up contentious in your online dictionary.

Darrelle Revis

The thumbnail background is thus…Francesca hates the bluster of Rex Ryan, and therefore dismisses the Jets on a daily basis. The Jet organization knows this, and doesn't allow any team members to appear on the Francesca program, save for a few precious exceptions. The Revis spot was one such exception, but the corner arrived with the same chip on his shoulder he reserves for receivers on Sundays. Francesca dared to introduce the observation that Revis committed interference on his interception and return for touchdown last week against the Dolphins. Prior, however, the afternoon host was glowingly complimentary. They argued about that play for a minute or two before a Jet staffer intervened and compelled Revis to hang up…a move for which the Jets later apologized.

Francesca can be the ultimate blowhard, who never confesses to a mistake, or to being incorrect…about anything. He's arrogant, and sometimes, really difficult to stomach. As a sidebar, it's a measure of the value of chemistry that together, Mike and the Mad Dog (Sirius/XM's Chris Russo), was the best radio sports team ever. Apart, they're virtually unlistenable, if that's a word.

Anyway, this conflagration was all on Revis, who was clearly ready to return fire even if no artillery was pointed at him. It does seem that the Jets are reaching to pick a fight with somebody … anybody…to reaffirm to themselves they're still tough. It is becoming sad, frankly, to watch this disaster unfold. They are, after all, 3-3 not 0-6. There's no reason to be this defensive, this strategically angry, regardless of how badly everyone thinks you're playing.

…Unless they don't think this is reversible. You'll notice Ryan's guarantees have faded to black. I didn't think it would get to THAT point. The Jets have to win two of the next three to salvage the season, so the Charger game is imperative. It sounds as if they know it.

Glenn Vallach has been a football fan for most of his lifetime, but never played organized pigskin unless you consider the thousands of youth hours running slant routes on city streets with a friend serving as Joe Willie. Don Maynard was his idol, an adulation he took seriously, complete with a number 13 stitched to his sweatshirt. In later years, he modernized his admiration and included Wayne Chrebet. Receivers—always receivers. He remains a New York Jet fan through so much disappointment and embarrassment over the years. Coach Rex Ryan has rekindled a dormant fire, but sometimes he feels as if he doesn't understand the likely end result of all his efforts. It has been 42 years, after all.


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Updated Saturday, Oct 22, 2011