There’s Just No Joining the “Suck for Luck” Campaign for Me: Fan’s Take

Call me one of those traditionalists if you like. Say I'm just a diehard fan who can't fathom cheering against my team, but even with the Miami Dolphins at 0-4—even with me calling vehemently for the firing of head coach Tony Sparano—I simply can't bring myself to join the "Suck for Luck" campaign that seemingly has engulfed a good part of the South Florida club's fanbase.

According to Israel Gutierrez of the Miami Herald in his latest article, it's actually a sound strategy to try and lose in order to gain a better chance at being able to select the Stanford Cardinal's Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft. However, as I've stated in recent articles, I believe such logic is flawed.

Sure, I'm fully aware many so-called "experts" believe Luck is the second-coming of Peyton Manning(notes). I certainly understand the kid has some serious skills. Heck, anyone who reads a newspaper or goes online more than once a decade would know that. However, as skilled as Luck may be, there's still no guarantee getting him would equate to success for the Dolphins.

For one thing—at least this year—Henne wasn't responsible for Miami's losses. He simply hasn't had any real protection from the Dolphins offensive line (which has truly been offensive), and I don't see that changing soon unless many other things are changed first; namely those in charge of the team such as Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland.

Also, there's no guarantee Luck would even accept coming to Miami should the Dolphins be so "lucky" as to draft him. The history of the NFL is rife with examples of superstar college quarterbacks who were No. 1 in the draft refusing to play for a pitiful franchise; and while Miami was once a proud organization, they've been reduced to the laughingstocks of the league over the past decade.

I may be completely incorrect in my adamant belief it's wrong to try to root against your team in order to possibly gain the "franchise" quarterback the South Florida club has dreamed of since Dan Marino retired, but I don't think I am. I believe Dolphins fans should root for a win every weekend, no matter what. That may make me some ridiculous stick-in-the-mud to many, but it's simply how I was raised; and at 46-years-old there's not much hope of changing me on that score.

While I'll hope the Dolphins can "luck" into gaining someone as talented as Luck in next year's draft, I won't subscribe to the idea I have to root against my team in order to make that happen. Heck, I won't even root against Miami if it would guarantee Sparano would be handed his walking papers after the next loss. That's just not in me, and I would hope it's not in many other 'Phins fans as well.

Gutierrez makes some good points in his article, but I just can't come to an agreement with him on this. To me, forever a Dolphins fan means precisely that. It's like marriage; you're there for them in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part.

Hut, hut, hike!

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Updated Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011