Will Dorsey, Chambers get sent packing?

Could the trade-happy New York Jets take a run at Shaun Rogers(notes) or Richard Seymour(notes)? Will the Baltimore Ravens pick up a wide receiver such as Dwayne Bowe(notes) of the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo BillsTerrell Owens(notes)?

Based on history, the most likely answer is no as Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline nears. However, given that a big-name receiver (Braylon Edwards(notes) from the Cleveland Browns to the Jets) and a recent high NFL draft pick (Gaines Adams(notes) going from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Chicago Bears) have been shipped in the last week, maybe more big deals are in the works.

If so, will the Kansas City Chiefs be involved? In addition to Bowe, defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey(notes) and linebacker Derrick Johnson are among the names swirling in trade rumors.

“[Chiefs President Scott Pioli] has a price he wants on those guys that he’ll take, but it’s not a fire-sale price,” a team executive said. “I think they’d dump Larry Johnson(notes) at this point, but the rest of those guys, I think they’d actually be willing to keep. Even Dorsey. He got himself in shape and I think they’d like to give him another chance.”

There was great speculation that a Kansas City division rival, the Oakland Raiders, were in fire-sale mode. But following the team’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, two league sources weren’t sure where owner Al Davis’ stood.

“Last week, you could have had just about anybody. Seymour, [linebacker] Kirk Morrison(notes), [running back Justin] Fargas … really good players who could help you right now,” a general manager said “They’re not going to give away the young guys [running backs Darren McFadden(notes) or Michael Bush(notes) or tight end Zach Miller], but I think they could be movers in this.”

With that, here’s a look at the most likely players to be dealt:

Glenn Dorsey: The former No. 5 overall pick doesn’t fit what the Chiefs are trying to do on defense. However, there are several teams who still think he can be an impact player in the right structure. “I thought he was a can’t-miss guy and obviously that was wrong, but there’s still ability there,” a head coach said last week. “If you put him in a Tampa 2 defense or put him in what Indianapolis is doing now, I think he could get back to being a really good player.”

Antwan Barnes(notes): The Baltimore linebacker has been on the block since training camp. He’s a backup outside player who can run. However, he hasn’t made enough of an impact, even on special teams.

Richard Seymour: It seems absurd that a player who was acquired for a first-round pick in September could be dealt less than six weeks later. However, Seymour will be extremely difficult for the Raiders to re-sign in the offseason. “Seymour knows this is his last chance for a big contract and [agent] Eugene Parker isn’t bringing him back to the Raiders for anything less than a premium contract,” a general manager said, referring to the three-year, $45.3 million contract Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha(notes) got in the offseason.

Chris Chambers(notes): The San Diego Chargers wide receiver was part of a deadline trade two years ago when the Miami Dolphins dealt him. Two years later, Chambers is splitting time with Malcolm Floyd and is going to be an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. “The Chargers have so many guys they have to re-sign, there’s no way they bring back Chambers,” a general manager said.

Clinton Portis(notes): With the Washington Redskins’ loss to Kansas City, not only is coach Jim Zorn’s job seemingly more in jeopardy, but owner Dan Snyder might be willing to start over completely. Snyder likes Portis personally, but he also knows that running backs don’t last and Portis has already outlived the normal lifespan of a back.

Shaun Rogers: Rogers and coach Eric Mangini have gotten along better in recent months than in the first days after the coach took over. However, the Browns haven’t been shy about trading anybody since Mangini got there and Rogers could get them a decent price, especially from some team that could be desperate.

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Updated Monday, Oct 19, 2009