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Answer: Puppies, cool autumn days and the second side of "Abbey Road."

Question: What are the only three things better than big, sloppy defensive guys rumbling down the field after a turnover?

Proof: New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork(notes) intercepts Philip Rivers(notes) in Sunday's Week 2 game and unsuccessfully runs toward touchdown daylight. The slow-motion replay is particularly hypnotic.

Remember that East Coast earthquake from a few weeks back? I think Wilfork's return registered the same reading on the Richter Scale, while his jiggling stomach in that slow-motion replay was purely hypnotic.

Sometimes you forget that buried beneath all those pounds there are great athletes in guys like Wilfork. He's not just a big body who can push around offensive lineman; he was a state record-holder in the shot put in Florida and wrestled in high school. The athleticism he showed in batting the ball and grabbing it out the air prove that. And about 40 percent of NFL offensive players could learn from Wilfork's careful ball-handling skills.

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