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Mother does know best.

On Sunday night at Soldier Field, Wilma McNabb, mother of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb(notes), left her seat immediately following what might have been her son's final snap as the team's starting quarterback. It turned out to be a prescient move.

Donovan and the Vikings were trailing the Chicago Bears 36-10 in the third quarter when he was sacked for a 10-yard loss on third down. Mrs. McNabb got up after the play and walked into the interior of the stadium. Her son would also leave the game, but not on his own accord; he was benched on the next possession.

Can you blame Mrs. McNabb? Watching your son get pounded, beaten and trampled is something a mother should never have to see. That's why my mom doesn't wade into the comments section anymore.

Mrs. McNabb won't have to sit through any more Vikings blowouts in the near future. On Tuesday, Minnesota head coach Leslie Frazier announced rookie Christian Ponder(notes) will be the team's starting quarterback this week against the 6-0 Green Bay Packers.

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