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He has three Super Bowl rings, a supermodel wife, more money than he could spend in three lifetimes and a hairstyle you may mock but of which you're definitely jealous. One could have said that Tom Brady(notes) was the complete package. And then this video of him dancing at Carnival surfaced on YouTube:

He looks like my dad after he's had a drink at a wedding and decides to dance to Kool and the Gang. (Either that or a 6-year-old who needs a bathroom break.)

How can somebody with so much athletic skills and body control be such a rigid dancer? Brady moves like he's fully aware of what his arms and legs are doing at every moment. It's not like Brady moves in the pocket like he's Michael Vick(notes), but given that he's one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, you'd imagine he'd have some semblance of how to maneuver his arms and legs to move rhythmically to music. He can dodge a Dwight Freeney(notes) rush but can't get down to some samba?

Frankly, I'm offended. The dancing makes Brady a living, breathing stereotype. In this post-racial world, there's no place for that.

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