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As an injured Michael Vick(notes) walked to the locker room and was showered with jeers from Atlanta Falcons fans, he brazenly pointed twice at the scoreboard.  The Philadelphia Eagles were leading 31-21 and Vick was letting his old fans know it.

Vick was still in the locker room getting care for his injured neck when the game ended. Had he been on the field, Falcons fans surely would have helpfully pointed out the adjusted score: Atlanta 35, Philadelphia 31.

Given a boost by Vick's absence, the Falcons offense began to click and scored 14 unanswered. Backup Philadelphia quarterback Mike Kafka(notes) performed admirably in his reserve role, but a dropped fourth-down pass late in the game sealed the Falcons victory.

For all the improvements Vick and the various sycophants who blindly defend him say he's made, one thing he hasn't changed is that cocksure braggadocio. Pointing to the scoreboard is hardly a capital offense. It's still juvenile and petty and should be beneath most professional athletes, particularly ones who are in the midst of major career rehabilitation. Plenty of stars get booed and don't point up to the scoreboard like a hotshot high school quarterback.

At least Vick used his index finger to point out the score. He's been known to walk off the field in Atlanta raising a different one.

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