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Torrey Smith considered a haircut after being dread-tackledBaltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith(notes) broke free over the middle of the field on Sunday, and the only thing that kept him from streaking to paydirt was the clump of dreadlocks that Pacman Jones grabbed.

After the game, a 31-24 Baltimore victory over Cincinnati, Smith admitted to wondering if the dreads were worth it. They did cost him a touchdown, and, one would imagine, some pain. From CSN Washington:

"I was in shock," Smith said. "I was kind of confused. It was my first time having it happen. I straightened up by back, thinking, 'He was going to try to grab my jersey.' Next thing, I know, I am getting pulled down by my dreads. I thought I was going to score."

Will Smith(notes) consider getting a hair cut now?

"I honestly thought about it," Smith said. "But my grandma likes it a little too much. I'm a momma and grandma's boy, at least for now."

If mom and grandma like the dreads, I guess the dreads stay, but you'd really hope that mom and grandma would also like for their baby to not be in agonizing pain every time he's tackled, either. I don't know. Is it possible to tuck them up under the helmet? There's got to be some kind of compromise that keeps grandma happy and Torrey Smith from being borderline scalped.

And what about Pacman Jones? As a former dread wearer himself, shouldn't he have a little compassion for someone else with the 'locks flowing out the back of the helmet? Where's the solidarity, brother?

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