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Jones-Drew refuses to apologize for January tweets about Jay Cutler 

If you remember the second-half disappearing act Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler(notes) performed during the NFC championship game, you probably also remember the huge reaction Cutler got from fans, the media and fellow NFL players. Because Cutler's not known as the most media-friendly guy, and due to some perceived sulking tendencies, he was ripped from sea to shining sea for bowing out of a game he "should have" played … at least until it was discovered that … oh, wait a minute, he actually had a torn MCL!

One of the NFL players who questioned Cutler's toughness after the game was Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew(notes), who's played through his share of injuries, but still seemed out of line with this Twitter invective:

"All I'm saying is that (Cutler) can finish the game on a hurt knee... I played the whole season on one... Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now... When the going gets tough........QUIT.."

Jones-Drew refuses to apologize for January tweets about Jay CutlerJones-Drew was asked about those comments when he went on the NFL Network's "Total Access" show with Kara Henderson on Tuesday. It seemed fairly obvious that he was in no mood to take a word of it back, no matter how wrong he may have been.

"I haven't got a chance to [apologize], but I wouldn't apologize because I didn't do anything wrong, I don't think," Jones-Drew told Henderson. "I didn't commit a crime, I didn't kill anyone or rape anyone or anything like that. I mean I stated my opinion, and it seems like you get more backlash for that than committing a real crime, you know, in some sense.

"I don't regret anything I do, he continued. I mean, you think about everything you put out there anyway. I'm not one of these guys that's gonna say, 'Well I shouldn't have done it.' I did it. I knew what I was doing when I tweeted it, I just didn't know that many people were following me at the time."

I'm usually all for smack talk between players on or off the field, but it's my take that Jones-Drew was completely out of line in this case. The only greater insult to an NFL player than questioning his toughness would be to imply that he quit in the middle of a game. Cutler isn't the most likeable fellow, but Chicago's 2010 game against the New York Giants, when he was seemingly hurried, hit, or sacked on every play should have given an indication that when toughness is necessary, Cutler can provide it.

Sorry, MJD. We think you're a great player and generally a good quote, but you're in the wrong on this one.

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