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The sick children at the Hackensack University Medical Center will be getting a special Halloween visit from a New York Giants rookie. That's a great thing, and I hope the players are able to spread some joy.

I also hope that no one is too frightened by the sight of an NFL linebacker dressed as a cafeteria lunch lady.

Help get Mark Herzlich into a lunch lady Halloween costume

The above image is what you see right now when you go to You can vote for the costume Mark Herzlich(notes) will be wearing. Get a better look and vote here, and please, go lunch lady. I really think a grown man dressed as a baby, sucking his thumb, while getting a piggyback ride from a dour old lady in a housecoat will be kind of unsettling for the kids. It's a little unsettling for me.

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The Giants host an annual Rookie Halloween Party at the Hackensack University Medical Center. You can see footage of their 2007 visit here, where, for some reason, the rookies got away with wearing street clothes. Mark Herzlich is not going to be as fortunate.

Bless the Giants' hearts for doing this. I hope everyone has a blast.

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