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DeAngelo Hall was fond of profanity in his postgame comments

DeAngelo Hall(notes) didn't hit Tony Romo(notes) in the ribs Monday night as planned. Other than a stationary sideline hit on Dez Bryant(notes), he didn't do much helmet-laying on anyone. The biggest contribution made by the Washington Redskins cornerback was to the guys wearing white; Hall allowed Dallas to successfully convert a third-and-21 late in the game while he was locked up in man coverage on Bryant. He then capped it off by getting a facemask penalty on the same play that put the Cowboys in field goal range.

Hall did excel in one area though: postgame profanity percentage. As our buddy Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog noted, DeAngelo dropped six bad words in 46 seconds. (At least somebody on the Redskins is good under two minutes.) His rant included complaints about the refs, references to rocket scientists and a Freudian command issued to a reporter.

Transcript via Steinberg, audio via 106.7 The Fan:

People when they watch on TV will say D, he got beat on the play, but you guys had zero help.

They can say whatever the [expletive] they want to say. I could care less.

I think he means he couldn't care less. Because if he could care less, then he'd be bothered by the fact that I say Hall is like Darrelle Revis(notes), only DeAngelo lets people stay on his island 60 minutes a week, rent-free.

Can you just talk about when he scrambles, how hard it is to stay with Dez as long as you had to.

You ain't supposed to have to. You ain't supposed to have to. But, I mean, [expletive] happens.

[Blitzing seven] worked for you guys a lot earlier in the game.

Yeah, but sooner or later somebody's gonna [expletive] figure it out. You don't have to be a [expletive] rocket scientist to figure it out after a while

Is that a dig at Jason Garrett, Jim Haslett or rocket scientists?

The facemask was just a bad break, grabbing at --

It was a [expletive] terrible call. I told the ref he should [expletive] lose his job. [To another reporter] Man, back up off me, man. [Back to the question] Like I said, I told the ref after that call, that might have been the worst call of the game. He gonna get some demerit points for that call, because that wasn't no facemask.

The facemask was a pretty tough call, but there's a certain irony in Hall putting in a pitiful performance that helped his team lose the game and then calling for someone else to lose their job because of their own pitiful performance. As for the "back up off me, man," our Doug Farrar thinks it proves definitively that DeAngelo doesn't like any contact.

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