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Steve Slaton(notes), Running Back, Houston Texans. With about five minutes to go in the first quarter yesterday, Steve Slaton caught a little screen pass, was hit by Paul Posluszny(notes), and then coughed up the football. That was the last time Steve Slaton got to hold a football yesterday. It was like the Texans coaching staff was just itching for a reason to bench Slaton, and he gave it to them. In came Ryan Moats(notes), he racked up 126 yards and three touchdowns, and I'm sorry to say that I can't think of a reason for Slaton to see the field again. Congratulations on your new job, Ryan Moats.

Ben Hartsock(notes), Tight End, New York Jets. Three times yesterday, the Jets lined up to attempt a two-point conversion. All three times, they failed, and on two of those failures, there were penalties on Ben Hartsock. The first time, he started falsely, pushing the Jets back and forcing them to settle for the single point. The second time -- and this was the big one -- Mark Sanchez(notes) completed the pass for the conversion, but it was called back for an illegal shift on Hartsock. In fairness, Sanchez took responsibility for the penalty after the game, but wherever the fault goes, the penalty was huge. The Jets did get well into field goal range at the end of the game, but couldn't punch through for the six. I would've really liked their chances in overtime.

C.C. Brown(notes), Safety, New York Giants. C.C. Brown accepts this recognition on behalf of the entire Giants secondary, and really, for the defensive line, too. The Giants couldn't get any pressure whatsoever on Donovan McNabb(notes), and he shredded them like store-brand cole slaw. On the big touchdown to DeSean Jackson(notes), Brown bit hard on an inside move, which left Jackson open by about ten yards in all directions. Of course, it doesn't help anyone in the back four when McNabb can sit comfortably in the pocket for about eight minutes on every passing play, either.

Kurt Warner(notes), Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals. Say the Panthers are about to play the Cardinals, and I tell you that one quarterback is going to spend the afternoon turning the ball over like it's his job. You'd guess Jake Delhomme(notes), right? I would've. And I would've been wrong. Yesterday, it was Kurt Warner with five interceptions (though two of them came off of deflections). Just about every part of the Arizona football team bottomed out yesterday. The performance, as a whole, is damn near inexplicable. Did they bring in Dave McGinnis for a special pep talk before the game?

James Butler(notes), Safety, St. Louis Rams. I hate to include a Ram here after such a glorious day in St. Louis football history, but it had to be done. Only a Ram could pick up an interception and then manage to not only turn it into a negative for his team, but actually lose points on the play. Apologies for the poor video quality, but I wanted it to match the football quality.

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