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The woman in this video was pulled out of an airport security line and patted down in front of other passengers at the Philadelphia International Airport. Random security search? Maybe. She has another theory, though.

She believes that some knucklehead Eagles fan working security wanted to give her some grief for wearing a Jason Witten(notes) Dallas Cowboys jersey in a Philadelphia airport. Here's her story.

If it's true that she was given the extra-thorough search because of her Cowboys jersey (and the fact that the screener asked her afterward, "How's it feel to be a Cowboys fan in Philadelphia?" seems to point in that direction), then that's messed up, and some dope needs to lose his job. Harass Cowboys fans like everyone else does, buddy: in the comment sections of blogs like this one.

But at the same time, I don't know why this couldn't be a random search, either. Those do happen, and no one's above them.

Like the lady mentioned, there are nutjobs out there trying to do all sorts of things on airplanes. So in addition to not using security as a joke between Eagles and Cowboys fans, maybe it also means that every now and then, some of us are going to have to be inconvenienced with a random search.

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