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Surely, the Super Bowl loss to the Giants was a devastating thing for the New England Patriots, but I didn't think it was the kind of thing that could send someone's life spiraling out of control. At least not in 48 hours.

But little-used Patriots cornerback Willie Andrews has already (allegedly) turned to a life of crime and drugs. Police arrested him just a day after the Patriots returned him from Arizona and said they found him with a half-a-pound of marijuana.

Now, for those of you who aren't entirely familiar with marijuana and how it's smoked, a half-a-pound is not an amount of weed that you carry around for recreational smoking purposes. If Ricky Williams hosted a party where he, Randy Moss, Jerramy Stevens, and Michael Vick all sat around and watched Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel, they wouldn't go through a half-a-pound.

No, a half-a-pound is an amount that you intend to sell ... especially when police find $6,800 in cash on you, with no bong, pipe, or any other smoking implement. Oddly, Willie Andrews best defense in this situation seems to be, "Yeah, your honor, I eat a lot of weed."

It's a far cry from Nate Newton's 213 pounds, but Andrews is just a 2nd-year player and a 7th-round draft pick. Give him time.

• Patriots' Andrews charged with marijuana possession / Yahoo! Sports

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