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Controversy is brewing in the NFL. And it's serious controversy, too. It's not some lame cheating scandal, or some disputed diuretic suspensions ... it's about what set of running backs gets to use a stupid nickname. It's so serious.

Apparently, LenDale White of the Titans crafted the term "Smash and Dash" for himself and Chris Johnson a few weeks ago. And then Monday night on ESPN, there were signs rooting for "Smash and Dash," referring to the Panthers' tandem of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. From's Paul Kuharsky:

"If they want a nickname, I can nickname them: 'Identity and Theft,'" said White, who's successfully paired with the speedy rookie Chris Johnson this season. "I was upset because I made that phrase up myself. I mean I made it up. I don't know about NFL Network and all those other guys. I heard somebody say, 'Batman and Robin,' that's like cute, that's for them. If they want that name they can have it. The 'Smash and Dash' is something I made up."

At least we got an amusing LenDale White quote of the deal. When he's not being whiny, he can be a pretty funny guy.

I think if I had to pick a winner in this argument, I'd go with the Titans tandem. After all, they have the T-shirts that are straight 1992 (and thanks to quality Titans site Music City Miracles for the pic). That trumps a stadium sign and a headline on

But my recommendation for both sides would be to forget the whole thing and stop arguing about it, for a couple of reasons: First, It's not that clever of a nickname. Second, and more importantly, this is the NFL, roster turnover is massive every year, and running back tandems generally do not stay together for very long. They're not going to be calling you Smash and Dash in a couple of years when one of you is on IR and the other's a backup in Minnesota.

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