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Steve Young must not have seen the red light come on the camera Monday night during ESPN's pregame show. The Hall of Fame quarterback was checking his BlackBerry when "Monday Night Countdown" cut back to a shot of the on-site set, leading to immediate speculation (by me at least) as to what Young was looking at on his phone.

The picture, and possible excuses, are below:

What was Steve Young looking at on his BlackBerry?

1. Consulting his new translation app "Stu Scott to English."

2. A text message from Prince telling him how much he loves the shirt and tie color combination.

3. Aaron Rodgers(notes) leaving a message asking to be tucked into bed over the phone by Steve reading "Goodnight Moon."

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4. Former "Monday Night Countdown" analyst Emmitt Smith calling, breathing hard, somehow delivering a malapropism while breathing hard and then hanging up.

5. Just checking to see if BlackBerry was actually functioning.

6. Checking comments on the new YouTube clip "Steve Young actin a fool," which showed Young goofing around on the field during a Rick Reilly segment.

Playing during work? Checking his phone at inopportune times? That hair? Steve Young would make an excellent high school student.

7. Reading Fake Jon Gruden.

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