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January 31, 2008

What is Jeremy Shockey's deal?

Jeremy Shockey, despite not participating in the Super Bowl, has become a lightning rod for conversation. Two questions surround Shockey, and both are weird in their different ways:

1) Are the Giants better off without Shockey? Is Eli Manning a better player when Shock-J isn't around?

2) Is Shockey actually upset that the Giants are succeeding without him?

To address the second question first, the report comes from

Shockey broke a leg late in the regular season. As we recently heard, Shockey is pissed that the team has done so well without him. Some league observers believe that the sudden maturity of quarterback Eli Manning has resulted at least in part from the absence of the loud-mouthed tight end.

According to the Denver Post, the Giants have invited Shockey to attend the Super Bowl. But Shockey has yet to decide whether to accept the invitation.

Let’s repeat that one. Jeremy Shockey, a member of the New York Giants football club, has not yet decided whether he’ll attend the Super Bowl as a member of the team.

Of course, Shockey is slated to attend Terrell Owens’ Super Bowl party on Thursday night as a “confirmed guest,” along with the likes of Tony Romo and Chad Johnson and JaMarcus Russell.

I don't believe it ... and not because I think PFT is making something up, but I just find it so hard to believe that anyone -- even Jeremy Shockey -- could be that big of a 'bag.

He'd want his own team to lose, just because he's not playing? Who is he, the villain in an Air Bud movie? It doesn't seem believable. For someone to be that bad of a teammate, it almost seems like a caricature of a real person.

He'll be at the game. I have to believe he will be. And if he's not, he's a worse teammate than Terrell Owens and Stephon Marbury combined and multiplied by 30.

As for the first question, and the Giants being better off without Shockey in the huddle ... I don't have an answer for you there. Chemistry can be a delicate, delicate thing, though.

The only person on the planet who even has the answer to this question would be Eli Manning, and if he did feel like Shock-J was an albatross on the Giants necks, he wouldn't tell anyone.

The results, however, are what they are. It's something Shockey might want to think about when he ponders whether or not to show up and support his teammates.

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