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In the minds of many, the controversy about whether or not the Colts should have made a run at 16-0, instead of resting their starters, died when the Colts won their first playoff game. To some, though, there was still one loose end.

The Jets, who got to put a few brush strokes on Colts backup quarterback Curtis Painter(notes) in Week 16, made the playoffs only because the Colts laid down in that regular-season game.

Between that contest and the one that just ended, though, the Jets just happened to turn into the hottest team in football. Then, as it turned out, the Colts had to beat the monster that they helped create in order to get to the Super Bowl.

Now that's done, too.

So without a shadow of a doubt, that controversy is dead now, right? Not just dead, but dead, and then beaten in the head with a shovel for about an hour afterward, just for good measure.

To me, it never should've been a controversy to begin with. How can you fault a team for setting the Super Bowl as their one and only destination? That's what we're all here for, right? It was a decision made by football people for football reasons, and that's what they're paid for.

Sunday's win unequivocally vindicates that decision. If any Colts fans feel like apologizing for Bill Polian or Jim Caldwell for their reaction after the game, feel free to use the comments below for just that.

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