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Pride. Pride took a beating in Dallas on Sunday night. Watching the Cowboys was like watching a boxer quit in the middle of a fight. But instead of throwing in the towel or walking out of the ring, he stops protecting himself, hoping he'll get knocked out, there will be a stoppage or he'll soon find some kind of an opportunity to bite canvas and wait for the sweet count of 10 to end it. It's more shameful than saying, "Yes, I quit," and walking away. It's quitting without even the conviction to quit. And hey, you can fire Wade Phillips if you want to, but if you're a professional football player and you can't find a reason to take the field with any effort or discipline, then that's on you, pal.

Matt Moore(notes), Jimmy Clausen(notes), Tony Pike(notes), Quarterbacks, Carolina Panthers. Those three gentlemen all play quarterback for the Panthers, but none of them do it very well. They all saw significant time against the Saints yesterday, but none of them could complete more than 50% of their passes or throw for more than 47 yards. At least two of them hit that vaunted 47-yard mark. Somehow, Buffalo's 0-8 feels more encouraging than Carolina's 1-7.

Mike Jenkins(notes), Cornerback, Dallas Cowboys. We've probably spent enough time on the Cowboys, but the following sequence from the Sunday night game is worth highlighting: James Jones(notes) of the Packers scores on a bubble screen, due in part to a fine effort by Jones and also in part to complete indifference from the Cowboys. The replay shows Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins considering trying to tackle Jones, and then opting to stand there and stare at him instead, because he might break a nail. Soon after, NBC shows the following stat: Jenkins had been thrown at eight times, all eight of those passes were completed, going for 94 yards and a touchdown. And then it looked like Jenkins was smiling at the camera.

Chad Henne(notes), Quarterback, Miami Dolphins. The 22-of-34 looks pretty good, but zero touchdowns and three interceptions have a way of putting a damper on a day. The Ravens will do that to a lot of quarterbacks, but Henne was completely unable to make any plays today. You've got to make the defense believe that there's at least a possibility that you'll go downfield every now and then.

Ndamukong Suh(notes), DT/K, Detroit Lions. Okay, I'm not really mad at Suh for missing that extra point. I give him a lot of credit for putting himself in a potentially embarrassing situation for the sake of the team. But as a fan of the underdog, I really wanted to see the downtrodden Lions knock off the "Look how great we are!" Jets, and that extra point would've come in handy as the regulation clock hit 0:00 and the score was tied. A disappointing moment in an otherwise outstanding day of football. I'm not upset with you, Ndamukong. I'm just upset.

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