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Chris Cooley(notes) is normally one of the most sure-handed pass catchers on the Washington Redskins and one of the best receiving tight ends in the NFL. You wouldn't know it by looking at this play, which might go down as one of the worst drops of the 2010 NFL season:

Wide open? Check.

Ball lofted in gently? Check.

No defender "footsteps" to merit caution? Check.

Steve Johnson's drop in Buffalo a few weeks ago was more meaningful than Cooley's, but at least Johnson's play had some degree of difficulty. He was mid-sprint, had just run 50 yards while shaking a defender and was catching a ball rifled through the air. We all sat  on our couches and ripped Johnson, but his catch wasn't something a normal person could have easily made. Cooley's was.

[Rewind video: Another terrible dropped pass, this time in overtime]

The 'Skins tight end was spared on the next play when the Redskins scored a touchdown, but we have to imagine that floater will be haunting his dreams for the next few nights.

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