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Upon clinching the NFC South title and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, the Atlanta Falcons celebrated with a traditional Gatorade bath. Flipping the script a bit, the target was not coach Mike Smith, but owner Arthur Blank.

They just soaked their boss. Try doing that after a meeting this week and see how that goes over in a non-NFL setting.

It's interesting to notice that the pourers were two of the Falcons' offensive stars, Roddy White(notes) and Michael Turner(notes), and not an anonymous special teamer. Probably helps to have some job security before pouring an energy drink on the guy who signs your checks.  

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Blank made his fortune as a co-founder of Home Depot and is beloved in Atlanta for keeping the Falcons afloat after Michael Vick(notes) was sent to prison and Bobby Petrino abandoned the team midseason in 2007. But Blank made the great, and unexpected, hire in Smith. That, along with the drafting of Matt Ryan(notes) in the '08 draft, laid the groundwork for Atlanta's 2010 success.

Should the Falcons go on to the NFC Championship game in three weeks at the Georgia Dome, he may want to do some online shopping at in order to prepare himself in case of victory. A steel shelter, beach umbrella or a wireless surveillance system could help prevent another stealth Gatorade soaking from his players.

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