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For all the fretting over how the low-hanging Dallas Cowboys video board would be a massive target for punted footballs, not a single kick has come close to hitting the high-definition screens in the two years Cowboys Stadium has been open. Philadelphia Eagles punter Sav Rocca(notes) almost changed that Sunday night.

The 37-year-old former rugby star skied a punt that reached the height of the video board but skirted alongside it instead of striking it. Al Michaels, who loves watching punts at Cowboys Stadium so much that I wonder if he has a wager riding on the first direct hit, noticed it immediately and an NBC cameraman caught a beautiful close-up shot of the punt flying by the board:

In retrospect, it's possible, if not probable, that the Tennessee Titans punter who hit the board with a punt in the stadium's debut in August 2009 was doing so just to make a name for himself. "Look, I can hit this board because I have a huge leg. Sign me." That I still remember the punter's name was A.J. Trapasso(notes) shows that it worked. (Trapasso hasn't played a snap in a regular-season NFL game.) Well played, Albert Joseph. Well played.

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