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The last time the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans played, the biggest story of the game was the brawl between opponents Andre Johnson(notes) and Cortland Finnegan(notes), which resulted in $25,000 fines for both. The teams met again on Sunday and once again devolved into chaos when two players got into a shoving match on the field. The only difference was: This one was a skirmish between teammates.

It started out as a routine post-play tussle between Tennessee's Leroy Harris(notes) and Houston's Antonio Smith. Smith's teammate, Brian Cushing(notes), came running into the play to separate his teammate and, presumably, to halt any Johnson-Finnegan-esque fisticuffs that were about to ensue. Smith didn't like this and ended up shoving his own teammate:

Another Texan got involved and Cushing's helmet flew off, which is an automatic 15-yard penalty. That enabled Tennessee to move closer into field-goal range and take a three-touchdown lead headed into halftime.

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If ever an incident could sum up a team's season, that would be it for Houston. The team, which entered 2010 with high playoff hopes, fell to 5-9 for the year.

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