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Ahmad Bradshaw's(notes) so vain, I bet he thinks this blog post's about him.

The New York Giants running back was on his way into the end zone for an easy touchdown on Sunday night when he began looking at himself on the video screen at New Meadowlands Stadium. That brief hesitation enabled Chicago Bears cornerback Zack Bowman to catch Bradshaw from behind, pop the ball loose and force a fumble that he recovered on his team's 1-yard line:

You know when it's OK to look at a video screen when going in for a touchdown? Never. It's never OK to do that. There's only two things that can happen in that situation: You either look at the screen and see nobody behind you (thus leading to a slow down for the final few yards) or you see an opponent on your tail and have to sprint anyway. Why not just remove the variable, don't look at the screen and keep sprinting?

It's not like Bradshaw should have been tired; he had only run 22 yards when Bowman caught up to him and the goal line was 14 yards away. Just keep going! Run! If James Harrison(notes) can sprint for 100 yards, Ahmad Bradshaw can sprint for 36.

[Photos: See Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw in action ]

After the game, Bradshaw was asked about his video peek by Andrea Kremer. He told the NBC reporter that he looked up at the screen, didn't see Bowman coming and relaxed because of that. "It's just something I can't do," he said.

Though the Giants were denied a touchdown on that drive, the team came back to score the next time they had the ball. New York beat the Bears with ease, 17-3. Bradshaw finished with 123 yards, one touchdown and that big-screen ode to Narcissus. 

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