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While watching players do the Lambeau Leap, I've always wondered how difficult it is for them to get free from the clutching hands of fans. They're being held up by every fan within a 10-seat radius; 22 hands all trying to get a piece of the latest touchdown scorer to jump into the crowd. Most of the time, players slide out of the stands pretty easily, but I've often thought that's due more to that famed Midwestern hospitality than anything. Packers fans know when to say when. I can't say I'd do the same. If I'm sitting in the end zone during a Packers game and Aaron Rodgers(notes) leaps into my waiting arms, I'll be damned if I'm letting go.

Fans in Buffalo apparently side with me. When former Packers linebacker Nick Barnett(notes) took a Michael Vick(notes) interception back for a touchdown, he pulled the Western New York equivalent of a Lambeau Leap. About 10 seconds into his crowd dive, Barnett looked like he wanted to get down and had to swat away the hands of adoring fans. (Watch it at the 0:22 mark of this clip.)

Anytime any player scores a touchdown in Buffalo, it's cause for celebration. But, come on Bills fans, you have to let him down eventually; those Mike Vick passes aren't going to intercept themselves.

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