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In an interview with his former head coach, Michael Vick(notes) admitted what most people had figured all along: He didn't work very hard during his first stint in the NFL.

Speaking with ex-Atlanta Falcons coach Jim Mora during an interview aired Sunday on the NFL Network, Vick said he failed to do much off-the-field homework for the team and had a poor work ethic during his six years with the team. When coaches gave him game film to watch on DVDs at home, Vick never did. He said he left them to pile up in his car.  

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who left the team's game on Sunday with a rib injury, also spoke of his past mistakes, hopes for the future and how prison changed his life:

When I first started to watch that interview, I thought Vick was talking smooth. Unlike some other athletes who don't know how to tell people what they want to hear (LeBron James, for instance), Vick always was pretty good at sounding remorseful and vowing to turn over a new leaf. He did it after flipping Falcons fans the middle finger, after his pre-dogfighting arrest and at various other low-points in his career.

But then Vick starts talking about how going to prison was the best thing that ever happened to him. He speaks about how his youth isn't an excuse for his actions. And you know what? I believed him. He sounded sincere. Before, Michael Vick came across as a guy who was only sorry because he got caught. Now he sounds like a man who's sorry that he lived a life that caused him to fall into trouble in the first place.

Words are cheap though. Vick's retribution won't be won in interviews or on the field. He'll get it back by living the life he vows to lead. So far, so good. And maybe this time around, he'll get to those DVDs too.

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