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Sikahema, the former Eagles return man, is wearing white trunks. Canseco's the one in the black tank top getting punched in the head, over and over again.

And that should get us one step closer to a world without Canseco. Had Jose won, we might be hearing today about what a tough guy he is, and his next big fight. But surely even Canseco has enough shame to just slink away now.

Canseco came out before the fight and made a throat-slash gesture at Sikahema. But he might as well have been pointing at his neck and chin, saying, "Hey, punch me here!" Either way, that was the highlight of Jose's evening. The gesture was followed by about a minute of merciless pounding.

"He's a very impressive-looking guy," Sikahema said. "But the guy is a walking corpse, because he's rotted inside out. He's a pathetic figure."

Well, if he wasn't before, he is now.

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