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Over the weekend, Tom Brady(notes) and his ever-growing mane attended a Red Sox game with his sister.

You know how hockey players have playoff beards? I'm starting to think Brady is going for a lockout mullet.

Picture courtesy our Big League Stew pal Dave Brown:

Brady's a chameleon. The black jacket, black hat and tucked hair could blend him into any of the following situations or roles:

• A member of a SWAT team from a 1980s action movie.

• The long lost Wahlberg brother.

Mitch Kramer.

• Somebody who recently purchased one of these.

• Night watchman at a Gillette factory.

• Somebody who can hit better than Jason Varitek.

Though Brady's hair looked less Cyrus-like during a recent visit to Disneyland you could still see the influence of Barry Melrose peeking from under that ubiquitous black hat:

After the photo was snapped, Brady asked Rapunzel (who looks thrilled to be there) for hair-care tips.

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