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Bowing to pressure from people intolerant of vibrant colors, the Seattle Seahawks announced yesterday that their once-worn lime green jerseys are now retired.

It wasn't so much an announcement as it was something that head coach Jim Mora said in passing. Maybe it's better that way. Maybe that makes the sadness easier to swallow. From the Seahawks Blog at

Told that reporters were just concerned the team would go back to green jerseys, Mora smiled and said: "Those have been retired."


"We didn't win in them," Mora said, referring back to the Seahawks' Week 3 loss to the Chicago Bears at Qwest Field.

Obviously, that's a cop-out. If the Seahawks only wore jerseys in which they were winners, they'd have gone through the entire Crayola box of 64 over the past few years. It's not like those dingy slate blue things have been a monument to football greatness this year.

You know how I felt about the lime greens. Perhaps someday, we, as a society, will be more accepting of lime green in our sports uniforms. Perhaps someday we'll be open-minded enough to accept and even embrace a team in a bold, vibrant, electric colors. For now, though, the history of lime green uniforms in sports remains extremely limited and not terribly proud.

I'd like to take a moment to honor other lime-green beacons of hope in the American sports landscape. First, we remember the Orlando Thunder of the WLAF, the grandfathers of lime green goodness. These were their uniforms, and they inspired these pants, and that is true beauty. The NBA's Atlanta Hawks were once resplendent in these gorgeous tops. Carry on with your bold selves, UFL's California Redwoods. And please, keep representing, MLS's Seattle Sounders, as you're the only team left in Seattle with any chromatic courage.

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