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Presenting the coolest video you'll watch today:

The Jets offense even looks brutal at high speeds.

Aside from the weather change and Green Day rehearsing at the 38-second mark, the most interesting part of the video is how the end zone is swapped from a Giants logo to a Jets one. The process is much more complicated than simply painting over it like in the old days. (Remember when you used to be able to see the Giants logo under the freshly painted Jets one, and vice-versa?)

According to the New York Times, it took a team of 25 men nearly 12 hours to swap the end zones pieces:

Both end zones are made of 40 trays of FieldTurf, each 14 feet long by 8 feet wide and weighing roughly 1,300 pounds - or 1,500 pounds when wet, as they were on a rainy Sunday night.

A forklift affixed with a wedgelike scoop, known as a spatula, pulled up the trays. After the new trays are placed, a mixture of rubber and sand is combed into the seams where the trays meet to give the end zone a uniform feel.

Good thing they moved stadiums or else the spatula may have disturbed Jimmy Hoffa's eternal rest. 

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