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Tim Tebow was not offended by Detroit’s TebowingWe talked Wednesday about whether or not Stephen Tulloch Tebowing over Tebow crossed any lines that shouldn't be crossed. It was my opinion that it didn't, although, as there is with any issue with a tangential connection to religion, there was disagreement.

The most important opinion probably belongs to the man who was Tebowed, and Tim Tebow himself understood Tulloch's gesture as innocent fun, not anti-religious heathenry.

"He was just celebrating, having fun with his teammates and I don't take offense to that," Tebow said. [...]

"I was bothered that I gave up a sack and that I didn't break the tackle," Tebow said. "That bothered me."

So, in the end, what comes out of this is another reason to like Tim Tebow(notes). There's always something going on around the guy, and he's always handling it like a champ. He takes what he does seriously, but he never seems to take himself seriously. While everyone around him loses their minds, he stays calm and secure in what he's doing, trying to control only the things under his control.

That means that what he's doing right now is trying to get way, way, way better at playing quarterback in the National Football League. He'll be starting again for the Broncos when they play Oakland this week.

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