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It's making big headlines everywhere that Brett Favre said to Chris Mortensen that he thinks that "it's probably not going to work [with the Packers]." To me, the only thing newsworthy about is that he's just now getting that.

What tipped you off, Sargeant Self-Awareness? That the Packers have steadfastly maintained that the job belonged to Aaron Rodgers all along? Or was it the fact that they offered you $20 million if you would just shut your mouth and go away?

I am astounded at the lack of awareness here. I couldn't be any more astounded if an old man walked into this room right now and said, "You know, I've been pouring piping hot coffee directly onto my crotch every day for 45 years now, and I'm beginning to realize that this will never be a pleasurable experience."

Here's some of what Favre said:

"Mike told me, hey, we're a better team with you on it but wanted to know if I have a problem with an open competition. I don't have a problem with competing -- you know that, but Aaron should be the starter right now because he's been out here all this time. This is more than about an open competition and I can do that, absolutely, but this is going to be mass confusion and that's not good for this team."

Because Brett is obviously concerned with what's good for the Packers. That whole "I'm retired" and then "I want to come back" thing? It was all an elaborate practical joke engineered by Brett because he felt like Ted Thompson didn't have enough excitement in his life. He's always thinking of others, this guy.

"I'll practice my butt off, if it comes to that, and I think we all know what the end result will be, but this probably isn't going to work. And I truly understand that if I was in Mike's shoes, I'd see it basically the same way he sees it, I'm sure. And I think if he was in my shoes, he'd see it my way. I think we both agree on that."

If you can truly understand what Mike McCarthy sees from his side of things, then you'd agree to be traded to some team outside of the NFC North. Even the most committed Favreophiles out there have to acknowledge that the Packers letting Favre go to the Vikings or Bears would be very, very bad for the Packers.

"They want to know if I'm committed but I want to know if they're 100 percent committed. The problem is that there's been a lot of damage done and I can't forget it. Stuff has been said, stories planted, that just aren't true. Can I get over all that? I doubt it."

What is it that you want to know that the Packers are committed to? Wanting you to go away? Yeah, I think they're 100% on that one. That's what the $20 million was about. And if Favre can't understand why the Packers might question if he's truly 100% committed, then I just don't know what to tell him.

I don't see the news here. Favre still wants his release. He still wants to play within the division. The Packers still don't want that to happen. This has been the case for a while now. I guess the big story here is that Brett Favre is just now realizing all of this.

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