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The War on 4 cobbles all Brett Favre news together in one easily-digestable post. And for those of you who are completely sick of any and all Favre news (as if there are some of you out there who aren't sick of Favre news), the accompanying picture will always be something pleasant and completely non-Favre related.

These are things that happened with Brett Favre over the weekend:

• The commissioner reinstated him.

• He said he'd show up at Packers camp on Monday.

The Packers say they're welcoming him back.

• Hundreds of fans gathered at the airport in Green Bay in a severe lightning storm to cheer for Favre as he walked from a private jet to an SUV. In this instance, natural selection failed to do its thing.

These are headlines that I would not be surprised to see in the next 72 hours, coming from Green Bay newspapers and blogs:

• Packers Allow Favre to Practice Only After Fitting Him For a Shock Collar

• Brett Favre Spends Eight Consecutive Hours Honing His Technique at Holding Field Goals and Extra Points

• Favre Finding it Difficult to "Gunsling" While Only Being Allowed to Hold Field Goals and Extra Points

• Local Couple Names Baby "Aaron Rodgers is Inferior to Brett Favre in Every Way Grabowski"

• Crazed Man in Favre Jersey Attempts to Kill Aaron Rodgers

• Another Attempt is Made on Aaron Rodgers's life

• Three Days, Three Attempted Murders, but Rodgers is Still Alive and Well

• Local Radio Station Offers 2 Backstage Passes to Kansas Concert for Anyone Who Brings Aaron Rodgers's Head on a Stick to the Station

• Special Guest Editorial from Mike McCarthy: Okay, We Get It, You Don't Like Aaron Rodgers, But PLEASE STOP TRYING TO KILL HIM

With these latest developments, I can only assume that Favre has shot down any trade the Packers have attempted to make, or that the Packers couldn't get much of anything for him in a trade. I find the former scenario far more believable.

And this is where it becomes a battle of wills.

Green Bay, can you stick to your guns, endure the media circus, endure the PR beating, and continue with your plan to begin the Aaron Rodgers era? Because that's the only way that you're getting what you wanted -- the Aaron Rodgers era getting underway and Brett Favre not playing football for anyone.

Brett Favre, can you handle it if you aren't honestly allowed to compete for the starting job? Will you show up to practice if they only let you perform individual drills?

If Green Bay doesn't have the will, then Brett Favre will probably end up with the starting job, and they'll have to deal with losing Rodgers, their quarterback of the future, after this year. If Brett Favre doesn't have the will, he'll just go home, and the Packers will have gotten what they wanted all long.

Get out the rulers. We're about to have a measuring contest.

A couple of other Favre-related tidibts:

• This report indicates that the Packers have spoken to the Vikings about Brett Favre's availability in a trade. To me, this seems like a pretty definitive sign that Green Bay's will is bending faster than Favre's.

• But on the other hand, the Packers have hired Ari Fliescher as a media consultant, so maybe they're digging in for a long, drawn-out battle that paints them as bad guys.

• Aaron Rodgers did not perform well in a dress rehearsal last night.

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