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The fellow inmates in Leavenworth with whom Michael Vick shares the group shower aren't the only ones who think Vick is still a prime-looking piece of beef. Michael Huyghue, commissioner of the soon-to-exist United Football League, still thinks Vick would be perfect for his league. From the New York Daily News:

"I do think he would be the type of player that would be a great player for this league. I still continue to believe that we might prove to be the best type of buffer for a player like Michael Vick before he returns to the NFL. Obviously there are some things that would have to happen. No one has a crystal ball. Presumably he would still be suspended."


"We've received fan letters and e-mails already saying, 'What are you guys, nuts?' He would have to be evaluated like all players and clearly he presents more risk," said Huyghue. "You have to weigh the risk of bringing a player like that into the league versus not. A club would have to make that determination. I think it's safe to assume at some point he'll return to professional football. We are a country of forgiveness."

I tend to think the benefits would outweigh the risks for the UFL. More than a country of forgiveness, we're a country that loves football. If they put a good product out there, people will watch, convicted dog murderers or not. If they put a bad product out there, they won't last long. Ask Vince McMahon.

If people truly wouldn't watch a league that employs criminals and men of questionable character, the NFL itself couldn't exist. And I promise, at some point, Shutdown Corner will resume writing about people who have not committed crimes.

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