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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: NFL Films’ Greg Cosell

OK, it's time to take a break from all this labor stuff and talk about the players who will be free agents and trade targets once the Hatfields and McCoys sign off on a new CBA. And who better to do that with than Greg Cosell, the longtime NFL Films game-tape maven, who also serves as senior producer of ESPN's "NFL Matchup" show (and has done so since 1984).

You can read more about Greg's history in this outstanding profile authored by Andy Benoit of the New York Times. Greg also recently co-authored the excellent "The Games that Changed the Game" book with Ron Jaworski and David Plaut.  It's an outstanding schematic history of, and evolution guide to, modern professional football. Also, check out Greg's insights on Twitter at @gregcosell.

In this podcast, Greg and I discuss the most intriguing options to switch teams at multiple positions. Based on non-stop analysis of coach's tape (not TV feed, but the "All-22" seen by coaches during the week), Greg shared his thoughts on a number of quarterbacks, including Kevin Kolb(notes), Kyle Orton(notes) and Tarvaris Jackson(notes). Then, we move on to running backs, and speculate on just how much this year is the DeAngelo Williams(notes) Show with everyone else in the background. Then, receivers — is Sidney Rice(notes) or Santonio Holmes(notes) more worth the big bucks? And who's better among second-level guards, Robert Gallery(notes) or Daryn Colledge(notes)?

Then, we move to defense, taking on the Ray Edwards(notes) question — is Edwards ready to step out of Jared Allen's(notes) shadow and be a main man elsewhere as a pass rusher? And which NFC West defensive tackle is more intriguing, Brandon Mebane(notes) or Aubrayo Franklin(notes)?

Then, the big question: we all know that Nnamdi Asomugha(notes) will get the biggest bucks in free agency, but should a team pay a 30-year-old cornerback to play at an elite level for the next five years, no matter how good he is? We finish off with a discussion of the two most interesting free agent safeties, San Diego's Eric Weddle(notes) and San Francisco's Dashon Goldson(notes).

It's a great 30-minute free agency primer with the best game-tape guy in the business, so tune in and be enlightened!

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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: NFL Films' Greg Cosell

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