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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Mike SilverWith today's podcast, we keep it in the Yahoo! family and welcome NFL writer (actually, noted "Rock & Roll Journalist") Mike Silver. Mike's been traveling the country of late, picking up some very interesting stories on what could be a better version of Michael Vick, Tim Tebow's potential demise in Denver, and a host of other subjects. He was kind enough to get on the phone for the conversation you can hear by clicking the link below — just left-click to play, and right-click to save to your hard drive.

As usual, Mike was thoughtful, unconventional, and very well-informed — this 30-minute podcast is well worth your time.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Mike Silver                

On Michael Vick's(notes) contention that opposing teams can't design a defense to stop him: "I am buying into the "Dream Team," and I think what Vick was saying — to put the whole conversation in context -- is that 'you can design a defense to stop me, but it's not just me anymore. I've got all these weapons, and I'm' not the jittery, put it down and run guy I was in the past. I've got this offense down. So, if you spy me, I'll burn you. If you blitz me, I'll burn you. And if you focus too much on me, DeSean Jackson(notes) and LeSean McCoy(notes) and Jeremy Maclin(notes) and company are going to make you pay."

On Tim Tebow's(notes) future: "What we all have to remember is that when Josh McDaniels traded up to get him in the first round, that was a minority opinion in a big way in NFL talent evaluation circles. Not to say there weren't other people who were high in Tim Tebow, but to go out and get him in the first round … Josh McDaniels was sort of out on an island there. However, it's not shocking to me that a new regime would not embrace him with nearly the same enthusiasm. So, I went to Denver expecting to write about Tebow, but I was just struck with how much things had changed."

On how the preseason has been affected by the lockout: "I think we're seeing more vanilla then even in a usual preseason … by a lot. I really don't think we're seeing what teams are really putting out there schematically, and part of it is that they just didn't have a chance to put as much in. Part of it is just that it's going to be a crazy Week 1 — [teams are thinking] 'Let's not reveal anything until we have to.'"

On the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which coincide with the first full day of regular-season games this year: "I'm working on two articles for Yahoo's anniversary package. I remember very well the way 9/11 reverberated around the NFL and in my world, and obviously in the larger context. It's crazy that it's been 10 years, and I hope that people who are too young to remember, or have put it out of their minds, take time to read all the stuff we're writing about it and pause to reflect."

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Mike Silver

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