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Shutdown Corner is giddy to present it's list of the 11 Coolest Helmets in Professional Football History. There are no concrete qualifications for this list; it rewards the traditional and the iconic, as well as the goofy and the peculiar. Bravery in design is also rewarded. Essentially, the list was made at my own fanciful whim.

Because there's only room for so many, some great helmets were regrettably left off the list. I encourage you to list your own favorites in the comments, but if you're genuinely angry with the exclusion or placement of your favorite team's helmet, I'd rather you spent that time talking to a therapist.

Today, the honorable mentions.

Washington Redskins, '65 - '69
I had originally decided that I wouldn't use any helmets that played off of stereotypical Native American images, but decided that it might be better to reward a helmet that represents a lesser of the evils. And I can't deny that the arrow helmet looks pretty sweet.
Denver Dynamite, Arena Football, circa 1987
This is the "bravery in design" that I was talking about in the intro. Not a lot of helmet designers would say, "Yes, I will use basic clip-art for an extremely literal representation of our team." I absolutely love it.
Philadelphia Eagles, '74 - '95
The Eagle wings coming out of the forehead are iconic. It's actually pretty similar to the look the Eagles sport now, but this was back in the days of the kelly green, before the Eagles sold out and opted for a darker, more "trendy" color.
Orlando Thunder, WLAF, '91 - '92
Another extremely bold choice in design. You don't see a lot of actual weather patterns depicted on helmets. Word is that they went this route instead of placing an actual Doppler Radar readout on the side of the helmet.
New England Patriots, '82 - '89
Oh, Pat Patriot, how we sorely miss you. He was a simple and honest man, bent over, ready to snap the ball and bust some British heads. Had the Patriots never abandoned Pat's simple nobility, maybe they'd have never gone down the path of dishonesty.

Tomorrow, we begin the countdown with the 11th Coolest Helmet in Professional Football History.

Thanks a ton to The Helmet Project, an invaluable resource in making such a list.

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