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The Ravens plan to use Terrell Suggs at fullbackBaltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs(notes) has been destroying people this season. Through three games, he's got four sacks, forced two fumbles, and hauled in one interception.

Now he's taking his destructive powers to the offensive side of the ball. He wants to play fullback, and apparently, the Ravens are going to let him. From the Baltimore Sun:

"I am a defensive football player, so I only understand defense," Suggs said. "What I do know is that [offensive coordinator] Cam [Cameron] is working me in on offense, getting some fullback — a little something to just try to get the ball in my hands. Like King James [the nickname for Miami Heat forward LeBron James], you get the ball in my hands, good things happen — with the exception of the [NBA] Finals. It's cool. We're working on something."

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron confirmed it.

"We want to get as many good players out there as we can. It's his idea. He's not bashful. I guess he got tired of asking to be a tight end, so hey, we'll stick him in there at fullback and see what he thinks."

As much as I love the idea of a Terrell Suggs vs. Bart Scott(notes) collision on Sunday night, I don't know that this is a great idea for the Ravens. Suggs is a superstar on defense. They absolutely need him there, while Vonta Leach(notes) already has a pretty good handle on the fullback job. I don't know that it's worth the risk of injuring Suggs.

If nothing else, I guess it's a gimmick that gives defenses something else to think about. Cameron also told Dan Kalko in the article linked above that the Ravens put defensive tackle Haloti Ngata(notes) in at tight end on Sunday at the goal line. The Rams responded by doubling Ngata while fullback Vonta Leach was left wide open. The pass was incomplete, but the concept worked.

We'll see how this goes on Sunday night.

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