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Hogs Haven dug up this beautiful clip of an NFL commercial from 1958, back when pro football was proudly sponsored by Marlboro. What better way to relax after running a deep post than to enjoy a nice, relaxing pack of Marlboro Reds. One cigarette, and you may never run again.

I love the cartoon representations of the NFL teams, too. Obviously, the Redskins guy is blatantly racist, but you know, it was 1958, and we'd never allow that happen in today's more enlightened age. I also love the Packers guy who swings a giant meat cleaver, the 49er sans mustache, but with a huge beard, the Steelers guy who looks dumber than a bag of rocks, and the Cleveland Browns thing, who looks like he'd lose a fight to a girl scout.

• Did you know? A "Packer" is an axe wielding maniac. A "Brown" is a goblin. / Hogs Haven

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