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The NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to the Playstation 3Here's some potentially good news that comes out of nowhere. If you've been shut out of the NFL Sunday Ticket service because you don't or can't have a DirecTV satellite dish, you're in luck: You'll be able to access the Sunday Ticket now through your PlayStation 3 console.

Here's how it will work, via the official PlayStation blog.

At the start of the season, viewers who do not currently have access to DIRECTV will be able to subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET at the season price of $339.95. Existing DIRECTV customers can access the service on their PS3 for an additional $50 and use the PS3 as an additional receiver for your home.

I never said it was a bargain.

Still, I know there are a lot of potential customers out there for whom cost isn't the issue. The issue was the dish. If you're in an apartment building, or you don't have the right view of the sky, the Sunday Ticket just wasn't an option. Now it is.

In happily coincidental news, the PlayStation people also just announced that their consoles will be dropping in price by $50. You can pick one up for $249 now.

Again, no one promised you that this would be cheap.

The grand total, if you're starting from scratch with no PS3 or no DirecTV, comes in at $588.95, but, you know, you also get a game console and a Blu-Ray player out of the deal. It's an option.

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