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Oh, the poor Denver Broncos. They're so twisted up and confused about the Tim Tebow(notes) vs. Brady Quinn(notes) position battle that they can't even list a real number two quarterback on their website's depth chart. This is what they've been reduced to:

The Broncos are committed to non-committal on Quinn vs. Tebow calls it "ugly, and a little laughable." I'm leaning more towards laughable.

Though I do understand why the Broncos feel this is necessary. Surely, after training camp and four preseason games, John Fox knows what he's going to do if Kyle Orton(notes) gets hurt. He knows which of those two gentlemen will go into the game.

I'm inclined to believe that this little depth chart charade is designed to deflect media attention. For whatever the reasons, Tim Tebow is a media lightning rod, sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. There would be Tebow devotees who are crushed/offended if he couldn't beat out Brady Quinn, and there'll be Tebow haters who would be gleeful in that same case.

Either way, it would generate a lot of headlines about the Broncos quarterback position, none of them involving Kyle Orton. You can understand why the club would want to avoid that.

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