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So, Brett Favre is off to meet with the Vikings, which means that either Favre is a dirty, dirty liar, or that Trent Dilfer is a dirty, dirty liar. Either way, it further reveals Favre's need for the spotlight and the world's attention.

It's a point highlighted in this excellent Dan Wetzel column, which inspired me to put together this handy chart comparing attention-needing NFL superstars Brett Favre(notes) and Terrell Owens(notes). They're perceived very differently, but maybe there are more similarities there than differences. Let's take a look.

Has a pathological need for the spotlight
Desperately needs to be adored by the public
Cries at press conferences
Has an inflated sense of his own value to an NFL team
Quite talented, but costs teams games with crucial mistakes
Says, and probably believes, that all he cares about is winning
Actions reveal that they're really all about themselves
(May have) Faked a suicide attempt for attention  
Faked retirement for attention (twice)  
Sensible enough to not voice his most ego-driven thoughts  
Is at least honest  

There are a lot of similarities there. I'm not judging, just noting. The differences come in the last four items, and you can decide for yourselves which of those are preferable.

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