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Following in the path of the Detroit Lions (which is always a good idea), the 49ers are scheduled to unveil some helmet and uniform tweaks this weekend. It seems that we've got some leaks, though, and I'm thrilled to tell you that what's new is what's old.

Mining the Gold Rush spotted new authentic helmets for sale at, but they've since been taken down. Fortunately, they grabbed a picture first, and here are (presumably) their new lids:

The differences may be subtle, but they're there, and I adore them. The biggest change is the shade of red, which has gone from a blood red back to an old-school fire engine red. The black strikes have been removed from the center, there's a white stripe in the middle, and the facemask has gone from blood red to gray.

In other words, Joe Montana style.

Word on the street is that the jerseys are taking similar steps, going back to a more simplified look and the original shade of red. Mining the Gold Rush also found these tiny little cell phone pictures on 49erswebzone forums, from someone who says he works at a Reebok warehouse and got these pictures of the 49ers new duds.

The Montana-era 49ers uniforms are one of the classic looks in all of NFL history, and I think it was nuts of the 49ers to ever get away from them. Going back is the right thing to do. I'm thrilled about the change. Absolutely tickled. That third 49ers preseason game against at Dallas is going to be, if nothing else, aesthetically pleasing.

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