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The Twitter-rip in question, actually, was Terrell Owens(notes) repeating something that someone else said, but it's like my grandmother always told me: When you re-tweet something, it's as good as saying it yourself. Here's the thought on Tony Romo that Owens felt it was necessary to pass along:

Woooo! Zinger!

Really, Terrell? You want to take shots at Tony Romo(notes), who always seemed to treat you pretty well? Yeah, Romo had a rough night against the Giants. I'm pretty sure he knows that. I'm pretty sure that about a million other people let him know that.

Would you like it if Romo (or McNabb or Garcia or anyone else in the NFL, for that matter) went out of their way to point out that you have five catches and less than one hundred yards in two games with the Bills? Would you like it if Romo tweeted that someone named Derek Schouman(notes) has more receptions and yards than you do?

No, you wouldn't. You'd cry for weeks about it and act like the universe has singled you out for the greatest suffering that any human being has ever known.

Just move on, man. You left Dallas, no one seemed to have any hard feelings, and you suckered Buffalo into giving you a lot of money ... why can't that be enough? Take your paychecks, undercontribute, and move on with your life.

Gracias, FanHouse.

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