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Residents of Buffalo, get ready to see another cartoonish figure in your cereal aisle. Terrell Owens'(notes) TO's cereal will make its debut later this month in upstate New York, one month before the receiver will step foot on the field for the Buffalo Bills.

So many questions. What's enlarged to show texture: the cereal or T.O.'s bicep? Is he positioned on the left side of the box because he refused to go over the middle? Why is he holding up the "s"? Is the expiration date "whenever Trent Edwards(notes) throws more passes to Lee Evans(notes)"?

The cereal is being produced by PLB Sports, the food marketing company that has brought you such items as Omar Vizquel Salsa and Tommy Gun Flakes (for Tommy Maddox, naturally). The company set up a Facebook invitation for the cereal's unveiling (next Thursday in Rochester, NY), which includes two wall postings from what appears to be an overenthusiastic Bills fan, but is actually the CEO/President of PLB Sports. Smooth.

TO's is also available online from PLB's Web site. It costs $5 for two boxes, which ironically is also the ratio of drops to catches that Owens will have in a Bills uniform. 

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