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Well, this ought to be a doozy. Breaking news from several sources [and one in particular, as you will soon see]: Terrell Owens(notes) has agreed to terms with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals will pay Owens a guaranteed $2 million in 2010, with another possible $2 million in incentives.

Rumors had been running hard about this deal taking place ever since the St. Louis Rams bowed out of the bidding on Monday after showing interest in the 36-year-old receiver. The Bengals had signed Antonio Bryant(notes) to a four-year, $28 million contract in March of this year, but there has been ongoing concern about the veteran's surgically repaired knee. The team's pursuit of Owens would seem to indicate that there's more to that story than we may have heard.

[Photos: Latest images of T.O.]

While there are those who believe that Owens has little left to offer based on his sub-par stats with the Buffalo Bills last year, others who have studied the tape think that there may be a few good years left in Owens' body. He can still beat cornerbacks once in a while (though not with the regularity we once saw), and he's still tough after the catch. He caught just 55 passes for 829 yards and five touchdowns in 2009 — all among his lowest career totals for a full season; and the lowest DVOA and DYAR (Football Outsiders' advanced efficiency metrics) of his career — but that doesn't take into account the stat-killing nature of Buffalo's terrible quarterbacks and anemic offensive system.

In Cincinnati, Owens won't have to be the No. 1 receiver he isn't capable of being anymore, but he can be a great complementary presence in Cincy's balanced offense. And he will team with Chad Ochocinco(notes) to provide the first receiver rotation in NFL history with not one, but two reality shows on the air at the same time.

You think Ocho's happy about this? Yeah, he's happy about this. Check out these Tweets from the OchoCinco News Network:

#OCNNBREAKINGNEWS Terrell Owens is officially a Cincinnati Bengals, Cincy let's welcome him with open arms, it's on now!less than a minute ago via twidroid

@terrellowens bruh congrats now get your ass here so we can make a game plan over some mcdonaldsless than a minute ago via twidroid

@terrellowens we like batman n robin, siskel n ebert, ying n yang, bonnie n clyde but you're bonnie thoughless than a minute ago via twidroid

The Bengals hope to have the deal in place so that Owens can make first whistle for the start of the team's training camp Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. And then, the real fun should begin. The only loser in this deal is HBO, which clearly picked the wrong year (i.e., last year) to make the Bengals the subject of its "Hard Knocks" series. Think it's too late for a dual series — the T.O./Ocho Bengals, and Rex Ryan's Jets?

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